The blood of our decedent relatives scream from their Graves
How awful it came, the dreadful day we couldn’t save
When death approached with a dagger, knocking on our doors
Through his agents who care-less about human lives and souls.
A grievous ambience broke, with the creak the door made
We frosted and were spectre-gray
Life became dregged and was made desolate.
A bomb was launched, some were burnt to death while others lived,
Escaping through a precarious attempt wasn’t an easy task but we did!
Yes, we are alive!
Left-overs now taste better as water from the gutter nourishes
Roaming the street, begging for alms from people is something we can’t resist
Our once enriched skin and complexion now becomes plain,
Replying to the call of nature and then fade.
About the street, we roam!
Our minds jug to the hearing of the falling of Rome
Our Rome which is our city
The inconsiderate sect has pulled down the city, again!
An attack that leads to the spontaneity of our reasoning
We run helter-skelter to save ourselves from being killed
Showing less affection for our husband and kids
Not worrying if they fall or get killed
But keeping their memories whether or not they did.
These actions repeat day after day, months after months and years after years
Words of assurance from the government sounds devastating to the ears
As we know that help comes from nowhere unless we die.
Readers, do we still have hope?
Is our sabotaged city going to be peaceful to be called a home?
We are hopeless unless we die
But death seems to put our names on reserve.



Over times I try to pin point what makes some people
What makes their thinking different,
What makes there reasoning unique and
What makes them stands out from multitude. It is either
They were born into a Wealthy family and they choose
to put more effort,
God has chosen and Ordained them,

Their (Poor) background strive them to it,
What They’ve seen, heard or learnt was the motivating
A key component to their success was their mindsets;
what they understood and believed to be true, and then
acting upon that truth.

Generally, There are some special traits about highly
successful people that i inevitably agree they all
possess. Although they might look like everyone else,
joke with everyone, but they think and act differently.
Their secret is just that they set big goals for themselves
and they makes sure they consistently accomplish them.
And if they fail occasionally, which we all do, they just
pick themselves up and try again, which you yourself
might not even notice — Experience they say is the best

Highly successful people share seven powerful ‘habits’
that, when adopted and applied each and every day,
virtually guarantees that they will always be a step or
two ahead of the rest of the pack.
They are:-

1. Self-starters

Successful people don’t wait for someone else to tell
them what to do, or when to do it — they take action
themselves. They are pacesetters, When you’re a self-
starter, you look for opportunities all around you, and
when you identify one, you act. That’s the essence and
the fuel for success in business and in life. No wonder
my Mentor won’t wait for your advice to take actions.

2. Resourceful

Successful people don’t let problems or obstacles get in
their way or slow them down. They’re resilient — they try
a variety of different solutions until they find one that
works, and they never give up.

3. Restless

Successful people believes an achievement is not
enough, the keep moving, running and flying with their
goals. If you are walking they leave you behind, they
won’t want you to be a distraction to them. They crave
to do more and more, What NEXT is their language.

4. Enthusiastic

Successful people have real passion and enthusiasm for
the work they do, and they aren’t afraid to let it show.
Their enthusiasm is real — it comes from their hearts —
and it’s infectious, spreading to coworkers and
customers alike.

5. Innovative

Successful people are creative and innovative. Instead
of doing things the same way over and over again, they
look for better, faster, and lower-cost solutions to
common problems. They experiment and are willing to
take risks — and occasionally fail — in pursuit of their

6. Team players

Successful people know that they can’t do it all
themselves. By leveraging the power of teamwork, they
can achieve far more than they ever could alone. So they
join or put together teams of talented and energetic
individuals who can help them achieve their goals. It is
a collaborative effort. Successful people don’t reach
their peak alone, make your research.

7. Articulate

Successful people are good communicators — they know
what to say, how to say it well, and who to say it to.
They’re also good listeners — taking

8. Networked

Successful people build extensive networks of contacts
— both in the office, and outside of it. They leverage
their network to help them take advantage of
opportunities, and to solve problems.
“Successful people aren’t born that way. They become
successful by establishing the habit of doing things
unsuccessful people don’t like to do. The successful
people don’t always like these things themselves; they
just get on and do them.”

No wonder the likes of Bishop Oyedepo’s is restless
despite the numbers of higher institutions he has, Oreofe
Williams is making waves in the Film Industry, Still not
complacent, still moving at a High pace. And Host of
other’s i didn’t mention.

Your background is not the reason your back is on the
ground. You need to Wake up from your Slumber, get
things right and make things happen.
You destined to be Great.


Live wise!!!!!

You add him on Facebook . He checks your
pictures . He confirms . He inbox you . You
reply , all excited . You’ll want to hook up .
Set a
date . You dress up , smell good , make up
on ,
fresh breath & new weave . He takes you for
lunch at Tantalizers . You two have a good
time . He
rubs your hand , makes you laugh , gives
you a
looks and smiles . You fall in love . It’s like
known him forever . He takes you to his
apartment . He makes you feel comfortable
lays you on his bed . He rubs it gently , kiss
passionately . Unzip your jeans , they’re too
tight but he manages to take em’ off . You
his aggression , strength , power & you give
in .
It feels good . You it’s wrong , but it feels
good .
You ask for protection , he says it’s too
late . You
obey & don’t disturb . He says he loves you
you don’t hesitate to say you love him too .
pulls out , go to the kitchen to get a glass of
water . He helps you drink it , oh man . You
feel special . ” He must be the one ” , you
to yourself . You’ll get dressed . He takes
you to
the taxi rank & kisses you on the cheek &
say ”
I had a great time , you smile & say ” See
tomorrow babe ” . He stays silent . You drive
away , in the taxi you can’t stop smiling .
get home & inbox him that you got home
safe .
He is online , but doesn’t reply . It’s unlike
him ,
so you inbox him again . He doesn’t
Minutes later you can’t find him on your
list . HE BLOCKED YOU . Days , weeks ,
passes by . You start feeling sick , weak ,
weight , act strange with sores in your
mouth .
You go to the clinic . Get tested . Minutes
later ,
nurse walks in . ” I’m sorry . You’re HIV
He even made you broke up with your
” . HOW ? You don’t understand . Reality
you . You walk home . Scared . Confused .
go to the train railway . You lay ,hopeless ,
emotionless .
You see the train coming nearer . You look
the sky & pray . BOOM ! That’s the end of
you .
Don’t be that girl ! Live wise !

2.4 Days of battery on 10%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the new Samsung S5 is going to give some
super battery saving abilities, apparently. “Get
2.4 days of battery life on just 10%” when the
screen is on black and white only, and only
the vital functions of operations on. I love this
idea! But not getting the S5 anytime soon…


Those of you who understand the mechanics
of this feature, is it possible that we can see a
similar performing app/tweak in the near
future for rest of the android phones? I’d buy
that app in a heartbeat!

The airport adventure

Photographer Mike Kelly was determined to
take the perfect airport shot, and when he sat
for eight hours at the Los Angeles


International Airport and took 370 photos, his
efforts paid off. He compiled 75 of the images
of planes taking off (and a few coming in for a
landing on the far right) into one stunning
shot that showcases many different airlines.
The two different runways at different
distances account for the varying plane sizes,
and while Mike admits to taking some artistic
liberty with the angle of the planes, it doesn’t
detract at all from the magical sensation that
takeoff gives every passionate traveler.

Anyone else suddenly inspired to go on an


I think therefore I am. I don’t think therefore I am not?

Sea Views


I am aware that I haven’t written anything here for a little while but I wasn’t sure why. I just knew that I didn’t think I had anything to write about. Then I realised; it’s not so much that I didn’t think I had anything to say as I have actually stopped thinking all together, almost entirely. I haven’t had a good long think about anything in weeks. Not going to work means I don’t have anything to plan or organise or analyse. Not working is perhaps a good idea as apart from the infection risk posed by an office full of people I can’t commit to anything as I never know when I am going to be well or ill. Chemo brain is also known to impact on a person’s ability to operate normally. I have heard tales of at least one person who, whilst on chemo, became utterly…

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Shackles of white collar jobs

This is actually my first post on this blog. Please accept it the way it is.

The white collar pride….
The white/blue collar pride. The big office.
The suit and tie. The sensible eight-to-four
(or nine-to-five). The occasional holiday. The
weekends off. The paid leave. The tassel
benefits. The luxurious metropolitan home.
The nice cars. The big wheels. The big-screen
TVs in every room. The PDAs. The anticipated
Friday night clubbing. The much anticipated
weekend football match. The romantic

In exchange for.. .
The everyday grind. The nose to the
grindstone. The hectic traffic. The spread
sheet eye strain. The thumping of the clock.
The much expected lunch break. The flooded
inbox. The boardroom politics. The regular
objectives. The extra hours after closing hour
at office. The empty cliché. The economizing.
The improvising. The hillocks of bills. The
expenses. The debts. The second mortgage.
The second job. The beer gut. The mid-life
catastrophe. The fear factors. The retirement
at 65 or 70 (or as the case maybe). The
unstable stock market. The death before
retirement. The terminal ailment. The
steadfast weariness. The overflowing
emptiness. The endless despair. The steadfast

You can keep your white collar pride. Give us
back of our freedom, our lives, our Africa
heritage, our culture, our couture, our
sculpture, our apparel, our purity.

Thanks for reading this, hope to see you some other time.